Partners And Products

More than any other time the American consumer faces challenges when pursuing a journey of healing and wellness. From selecting a nutritional supplement, to choosing an alternative therapy modality, reading and trusting an article on health, signing up for a wellness course, or simply choosing a qualified alternative/complementary healthcare provider; most consumers feel confused by the amount of information available to them.

Smart marketing strategies used by many in the industry who suggest claims of “miracle” cures or “quick and easy” wellness solutions, anti-aging or rejuvenating treatments not only overwhelm the consumer but puts them at risk to falling prey to misleading business practices.

Wellness Vibrations Consulting is committed to protecting the consumer and as such we will review and list health products, wellness services and industry partners that we trust or find philosophically aligned with our core values of high quality, high ethics, high integrity, validated scientific claims, and fair-trade business practices.

Our clients will have access to our product and service reviews and ratings as our goal is to provide ongoing education and to help consumers make smart decisions about health and wellness. Our established clients will have access to a list of our most trusted partners or products Wellness Vibrations Consulting affiliates with and trusts.

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