About The Founder

The FounderWellness Vibrations Consulting founder and CEO Virginia Schoenfeld, has been a healthcare professional for more than 20 years. After a successful career in the United States Navy where she served as Medical Service Corps officer, Virginia held various healthcare executive positions in the private sector. Virginia is also an educator having taught at various junior colleges and universities in Southern California for more than ten years.

Prior to becoming a wellness coach/consultant in private practice, Virginia managed Community Health and Health Promotions programs in the Navy. And in 2007, she established Wellness Vibrations Consulting after recognizing that many chronic health conditions were preventable but the current medical model was ineffective on addressing the connection between illness and lifestyle. With dismal healthcare data and trends for many preventable chronic conditions such as obesity, and a personal journey to self-healing, Virginia developed a series of educational and coaching programs that would prove successful for many clients.

A passion for helping people find healing of their body, mind and spirit, guided Virginia to create Wellness Vibrations Consulting in 2007. Virginia’s goal is to provide clients with a holistic understanding of wellness and healthier lifestyles and coach those who need closer support to meet their individual wellness goals. She is a certified Dr Sears L.E.A.N. Coach and has significant knowledge and training in nutrition, disease prevention, wellness and bio-field therapeutic modalities. She is also a trained NES and Healing Touch practitioner.

Virginia’s education includes a Bachelor of Science from the Catholic University in Lima, Peru, a dual Masters degree in Public Administration/Public Health from California State University, and a post graduate certificate in Nutrition Education from American University. Virginia is also a graduate from the Healthcare Executive Management Institute program, University of California Irvine and presently she is pursuing a Doctor of Education degree in Natural Health and Wellness at Clayton College and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego.

Virginia is also trained in Program Management, Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Information Technology Management and Marketing.  She earned the “Distinguished Graduate” honor from the National Defense University, Information Resource and Technology Management, Washington DC where she graduated as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in April 99. However, despite a successful career in leadership and management, Virginia’s main focus today is to reach out to communities and individuals in order to create healthier societies.

Virginia is a highly sought out bilingual English-Spanish motivational speaker and wellness lecturer. She resides with her husband and two children in Southern California.